Sunday, May 6, 2012

2 Months

Dear Mia,

Today you are two months old!

You still have a love/hate relationship with your pacifier, and are starting to substitute it for your right hand when necessary.  You'll spit the pacifier out and give your hand a tongue bath which is both adorable and gross.

You suffered through your first cold this month, complete with a runny nose, ear drainage and wicked sneezes. The cold didn't slow you down much during the day, but at night it turned you into cranky pants.  You would cry and cry and refuse to be soothed.  I took you back to the doctor and they couldn't prescribe anything for you other than fluids and a humidifier for your nursery.  We heeded his advice and your cold subsided a few days later.  As a result of the cold, you've become much more tolerant of the booger sucker (which is nice) and you let me clean your ears without a complaint.

You love to be swaddled in a thick, fleece blanket and held tightly to my chest.  I rock you to sleep like this for your naps and then carry you up to your nursery.  At night when you get cranky, we swaddle you the same way but instead of a smooth rock, you prefer to be jostled and have your butt patted.  I use the word "patted" because I think if I admitted just how hard you like to be smacked we might get concerned phone calls.

You still love your bouncy seat and your swing, but only if you're visually stimulated at the same time.  You are fascinated by the little elephants that hang down on the bouncy and swing, and the owls on your pack-n-play.  The other day as you sat in your bouncy you stared intently at the elephants and than started swinging your right hand wildly in their direction.  You would hit the elephant and then watch bug-eyed as it twirled around.  You did this a few times and then in classic Mia form, passed out.  You also love to look out the window, stare at lights, and even watch TV.

You've started smiling!  We can talk to you and you give us this big, tooth-free grin and we just melt.  Melt, I tell you!  You are the most adorable baby, Mia!  Your Dad makes you smile more than anyone else.  I think you're on your way to becoming quite the Daddy's girl.

This month you also started spending your days with Aunt Courtney and your cousins and sported your first ponytail.  Dropping you off in the morning is the absolute worst part of my day, but seeing you when I get home is the best part.  My world revolves around you now, Mia, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

I love you, nugget!