Monday, June 4, 2012

Mornings with Mia

Dear Mia,

I've been back at work for six weeks now, and thankfully we've been able to establish, and stick to, a pretty good morning routine during that time.  Granted, it's ever-changing as you grow and mature, but it's working for now!

I try to be up and in the kitchen by 5:30am.  I empty the dishwasher, tidy up downstairs, and get your morning bottle heating up before I sit down to pump.  Around 6am you begin to stir, wake your Dad up, and the two of you come downstairs for your morning bottle.  Your Dad sings this song to you every morning, and you love it:

Good morning to you
Good morning to you
Good morning Miss Mia
Good morning to you!

You eat about 6 ounces of milk while snuggling with Daddy (who may or may not be half-asleep) and then lay in your boppy next to me while I finish pumping.  Some days you're more awake than others, but if you've eaten enough you're in a good mood and are perfectly content sucking on your hand as I talk to you and we watch Home Improvement re-runs.

I'm done by 6:15am and after getting everything packed up for the day (your diaper bag, bottles of milk, my pump, empty bottles, my lunch, my purse) we head upstairs to get perdy.

First, I change you out of your sleeper and into your day's attire- usually a onesie, pants and socks.  (Even though it's summer, I'm always afraid your little toes are going to get cold!)  You are always so bright eyed and smiley during this time that I can't help but give you LOTS of kisses as you lay on your changing pad, and tickle your tummy as I change your clothes.  When you're all dressed we head across the hall to the bathroom and I start getting ready.

I have a little spot for you all decked out on the counter and you hang out with me while I apply my face and straighten my hair.  I turn on Pandora and we listen to music or we talk about all of the fun things you're going to do at your Aunt Courtney's house.  You are cheery and happy until about 6:50am when you fuss until I turn you on your side and give you your pacifier.  You curl up just slightly right there on the counter and start to doze.

When I'm done in the bathroom I move you into the bed, right next to your Daddy (who usually returns to bed after an unsuccessful attempt at a coffee wake-me-up).  As soon as your head hits my pillow you fall asleep and snooze for ten minutes while I get dressed.

We're out the door at 7:15am with all of our bags in tow.  You wake up momentarily when I buckle you into your car seat but you are always fast asleep by the time we back out of the driveway.  I drop you off at Aunt Courtney's house around 7:30am and head off to work.

I have never been a morning person, however I'm realizing that mornings can be SO much more enjoyable if I give myself more time to slow down and enjoy moments with you.  It's those little morning giggles, bare belly tickles, and kisses I plant on your beautiful little feet that get me through my (sometimes difficult) days at work.  I love spending my mornings with you Mia, and I hope we can continue a good morning routine as you get older.  I love you!


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