Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the move!

Dear Mia,

Well, you're mobile!  You army crawled for the first time at your Aunt Courtney's on Thursday, but you didn't show us your skills until yesterday.  You set your sights on a toy across the floor and there you went!

We laid a sheet out on the floor and covered it in toys.  You had a blast scooting around, going from toy to toy and (of course) putting them in your mouth!  Your favorite toys right now include the TV remote, blue monkey suction toy, light-up pianos, and multi-colored links.  You also love your little teethers, taggie blanket and your pacifier (which you can now pick up and put in your mouth all by yourself).  I've also noticed that you're growing tired of your old toys and you much prefer playing with new things.  I've started to rotate your toy selection, and just today I went fishing through your toy box and pulled out two little cars, some blocks and a shape sorter.  You really liked pushing the little car all around your high chair tray.

Your Grandma Young sent you two little books in the mail this week to celebrate your first Halloween and the first thing you did when you got them was put them in your mouth.  You opened one up and CHOMP! you left nice little teeth marks in the soft cover.  You also love to bite down on your spoon when we feed you now.  It's your new trick.

You are such a happy baby and you do so well on the floor with your toys.  I'm sure you're going to crawl more and more each day, and it's only a matter of time until you can speed across the floor faster than we can!  We're going to have to keep a closer eye on you now, baby!


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