Monday, October 8, 2012

Rader Family Farm

Dear Mia,

This past weekend we took a trip to Rader Family Farms with the Snipes family and continued our annual tradition of fall fun during the Ropp Road Roundup!  You had a BLAST!

We started the day with lunch in LeRoy and then headed over to the farm.  It was a bit chilly so we had you bundled up for most of the day- pants, socks, slippers, sweater, wool hat, mittens and a fleece blanket!  We tried our best to keep you warm and then I made sure your bottles were nice and warm so those heated you up, too.

You're still a little small to fully enjoy all of the activities at the farm, but your cousins (and Daddy) had a great time on the jumping pillow, swings, bike race, corn bins and play houses.

You did get to go down the big slide, have your first hay rack ride and get your picture taken many, many times!

We were at the farm for almost six hours, and you were bright-eyed and in a great mood for most of it!  You love being outside, even if you're cold, and you had a great time watching all of your cousins run around and play.  At one point we were waiting for your cousins to go down the big slide and every time a kid popped out of the tube you'd squeal with excitement.  We can't wait to take you back to the farm again next year!


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