Saturday, December 31, 2011

30 Weeks

Dear Mia,

Today I am 30 weeks pregnant.  Wow, time is flying!  Everyone keeps asking if we’re ready for you yet and I’d have to say no, that we still need these next few weeks to prepare!  You’re still due on March 10th but I know you’ll enter the world when you’re ready, regardless of what the doctor says!

Pregnancy has been a rollercoaster ride for me.  We found out we were pregnant with you about 5 weeks after you were conceived, and I immediately started feeling sick about a week later.  I was so nauseous and weak that I was convinced I had the stomach flu.  There was no way this was morning sickness!  I was so sick that I took a few days off work and I even went to my doctor, hoping that he’d confirm my home diagnosis.  And he did!  He said that yes, I probably did have the flu and I’d feel better in a few days.

Well, the days came and went… and I was still sick morning, noon and night!  I realized that the doctor was wrong and that I was having a severe case of morning sickness, not the flu!  I felt sick to my stomach every waking hour of the day for 7 weeks.  This took a toll not only on me, but on your Dad as well.  He did a great job taking care of me and picking up the extra responsibilities around the house when I couldn’t get out of bed.  However, it was still a very stressful time and once the first trimester was officially complete and I started to feel better, I was VERY relieved!

The next few weeks were very easy for me.  I was hungrier than usual, sometimes eating 6 small meals a day instead of my usual 3.  I was starting to gain weight and grew a little baby belly so I switched to maternity pants which were much more comfortable and less constricting.  I was still able to do all of my usual activities, and other than the slight physical changes taking place, I still felt normal.

As the weeks wore on, I was able to do less and less.  Bending over to pick up dog toys became a struggle, yard work became impossible and caused me a lot of back pain, and sleeping was even problematic!  But I adjusted as necessary, and again, your Dad stepped up and took on the extra responsibilities around the house that I just couldn’t handle anymore.

Around week 27 I noticed that at the end of the day my feet had started to swell and it was painful for me to remain standing for long periods of time after I got home from work.  However, only a week later the swelling became constant and spread to my face and fingers.  I was unable to comfortably wear work shoes and my wedding rings.  They were both becoming too constricting.  Thankfully I’d previously purchased a pair of black winter boots that I was still able to wear comfortably, and I switched to wearing those to work every day.  I don’t think my boss likes my new fashion statement very much, but there’s not a lot I can do about it!

I’m now 30 weeks along and I’m in full pregnancy mode!  My belly has grown (as you’ve grown) and I’m now wearing all maternity clothes.  I’m still wearing the black boots (I’m even wearing them now!) and special socks that don’t have elastic in them so they won’t constrict around my legs.  My walk has turned into a waddle, partially in response to the feet swelling, but also because I lean backwards slightly to counter the extra weight of my belly.  I don’t wear my wedding rings anymore and I considered buying a fake ring to wear in the meantime, but I couldn’t find one I liked.  I just love my real rings so much, nothing else felt right to wear.

You won’t be here for another 8 weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see how much more my body will change between now and then.  I know that I’m experiencing all of these changes because my body is helping you grow, and making more and more room for your little body, so it’s all worth it.  I’d do anything for you, Mia!


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