Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nursery Remodel Part 2

Dear Mia,

I started obsessing over your nursery furniture as soon as my morning sickness passed, and I could comfortably browse the stores.  Your Dad and I agreed that we wanted to purchase something that we could see and touch in the store to make sure we liked the finish and quality.  It's tempting to make large purchases like this on discount sites like, but we were worried that we'd order something that looked good online and didn't hold up in person.

After much deliberation and comparisons, your Dad and I chose to purchase the Delta Bentley Crib in chocolate and the matching dresser from Target.  We liked the crib's color, overall design, and how sturdy it was.  We had looked at some cribs that were so flimsy- if you placed your hand on the front panel, it wobbled!  We think this set will serve you well, and could be used if your Dad and I decide to give you a sibling.

Although the Champaign Target had the sample crib and dresser on display, they were always out of any to purchase!  They told us we could order the crib online, but we'd incur a $60 shipping fee!  Never excited about spending more money than necessary, I was content to wait until we found the furniture in stock.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I found myself frantically calling around to all area JoAnn Fabric Stores looking for your nursery fabric.  Remember that story?  Well, when the Bloomington store gave me some hope that they'd have it in stock, your Dad suggested that we also call the Bloomington Target store to see if they had your furniture.  And they did!  That's when your Grandma Snipes offered to make the trip to Bloomington with us in her van so we could pick everything up!

When we returned home from the store, your Dad and Grandma Snipes unloaded both boxes from the van and your Dad carried the crib pieces upstairs.

Truth be told, all your Dad wanted to do that day was sleep in and relax... but he loves me (and you!) so he put on a smile and got to work.

The dark crib looks great against the new, bright paint job, and I'm very happy that we decided to remove the closet door off because it would really get in the way.

Next up was the six-drawer dresser.  The pieces were considerably heaver than the ones for the crib, so your Dad had to carry all of those upstairs by himself as well.  I busied myself downstairs by putting all of the drawers together... backwards.

Oops!  After a good laugh, we took all of the drawers apart, re-assembled them, and put the rest of the dresser together.


Mia, I hope you love your nursery!  Your Grandma Snipes finished your window valance and it's waiting to be hung.  I also had some prints framed for above your dresser, and I need to hang the piece of art above your crib.  Your rocker is still in the works, and I'm deciding on whether or not to buy a little rug.  There's still plenty to prepare before you arrive!  Wish me luck!


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