Monday, January 23, 2012

Bragging Rights

Dear Mia,

I’m going to brag a little bit about myself for a second but I’m justifying it because I know I’ll be bragging about you for the next, oh, FOREVER.

I won an award at work!  Today during our weekly staff meetings, I was recognized as the very first employee of the quarter.  I received an inscribed desk clock, check for $50 and a really nice letter from my boss describing why I won.  Here are the reasons why I was chosen:
  •  “She continues to improve our social media/communications area.  Her social media knowledge has helped increase visitor inquiries.”
  • “She accepts change and is always willing to help solve problems.”
  • “She brings a lot to the morale of the office and is willing to assist when needed.”
  •  “She has good ideas about how to better this office and improve daily operations.  She is always willing to go beyond her assigned duties and put in extra time and effort to make sure the job gets done correctly and on time.  We could all strive to have Ellen’s work ethic.”
My boss also added, “We are truly proud to have you as an employee.  Great job!”

Mia, if you grow up to be anything like me or your Dad, you’ll know that you don’t do something just because you’re going to win an award or be recognized.  You do your best because you want to be able to look back and be proud of your accomplishments.  You’ll be internally-motivated.  However, it is really nice to have your peers, supervisor, or your teacher notice how hard you’ve been working, and give you a little recognition for a job well done.  It’s certainly brightened my day!

All my love,

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