Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Showered with Gifts

Dear Mia,

While we were in Michigan for the Young Christmas party, Aunt Carol and Aunt Courtney threw us a baby shower!  We started the morning with a delicious breakfast (and great conversation) and then we were given "Wishes for Baby" cards to fill out.  Each person at the shower answered the same ten prompts, giving their words of advice for you.

Aunt Carol, Aunt Emily, Momma, Daddy, Aunt Sue & Aunt Clare

Here are the cards your Dad and I filled out for you!  (Click to enlarge the photos for easier reading!)


We weren't allowed to share answers when we were filling out our cards so I think it's really funny that we had some similar answers!  We're both always thinking of the dogs... hoping that you'll learn to love them, and that you'll be careful around Buddy (arguably our grumpiest of the bunch!).  We both hope you will be thick-skinned, tough and not easily put down by bullies.  We hope you laugh often (especially when your Dad tries to make a joke), and above all else, we hope you become a strong, self-assured, independent person.

We have "Wishes for Baby" cards from everyone that was at the shower and here are some of my favorites:  

I hope you learn from your mistakes.  (Aunt Courtney and Aunt Colleen)
I hope you aren't afraid to love.  (Aunt Courtney and Aunt Colleen)
I hope you love with all your heart.  (Aunt Carol)
I hope you get to travel the world.  (Aunt Clare)
I hope you laugh more than you cry.  (Great-Grandpa and Grandma Young)
I hope you never forget to be thankful.  (Aunt Emily)
I hope you ignore ignorance.  (Aunt Sue)
I hope you become a mother.  (Aunt Colleen and Aunt Courtney)
I hope you respect a good slice of pizza.  (Aunt Emily)
I hope you grow into a nice girl like your Mom.  (Great-Grandpa and Grandma Young)

After I read the cards, we began to open presents.  Mia, you are really being spoiled!  Everyone was so generous, we were afraid all of your presents wouldn't all fit in the car for the ride home!  We can't wait for you to get here, Mia, and enjoy all of the clothes, rockers, blankets and toys that have been given to us.  (Let's just hope your Dad and I can figure out how to assemble everything before you arrive!)



  1. I love this idea. Totally stealing for my future kids!

  2. Great day this was. :) You should have taken a picture of all the presents strategically packed in the car.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    @Cubbieblue I agree, this idea is definitely steal-worthy! I love that I'll have these cards to share with Mia some day!

    @Courtney Yes, it was a good Tetris exercise, but we did it!