Saturday, February 11, 2012

36 Weeks

Dear Mia,

We've reached 36 weeks and I haven't slowed down one bit!  Remember how I said I was holding off on making you a playroom?  Well, I've spent all morning taking apart furniture and moving books, office supplies and remaining furniture!  As of 20 minutes ago our den/office is now your playroom!

The den/office before!

I'm pretty excited to be able to give you your own space in the house (besides your nursery).  You're not even here yet and you've already amassed a crazy amount of "big girl" toys that need a home.  In additon to those toys, you have your new toy bin organizer that Grandma and Grandpa Snipes bought you and your jumperoo.  I'll also be putting a small chair and couch in here so this can still be a nice room for us to all use when your cousins come over.  I probably won't get around to painting this room for a while, but that's ok since the existing wall colors already blend nicely with the rest of the house.  I'll update you more on the playroom as it progresses!

Clothes:  The other day I wore a sweater to work for the first time (I'd been keeping the tags on it, hoping I wouldn't end up needing to wear it) and my coworker told me that I have the cutest maternity clothes.  That was really nice to hear!

Sleep:  I'm still getting plenty of sleep each night but my stuffy nose and sore throat is back (along with the colder weather) so getting up in the morning is still not easy!

Best moment this past week:  Your Dad had to go to Oklahoma this week for business so my favorite moment was when he finally came home!  He was supposed to fly from Oklahoma to Chicago and  then from Chicago to Bloomington where I'd drive us both home after I got off work.  However, Chicago got hit with some nasty winter weather yesterday and his second flight was cancelled!  Your Dad was on the trip with a coworker and they decided to rent a car and drive home instead of taking a chance on catching a later flight.  I was so relieved when he finally walked through that door (only a few hours late)!

Movement:  I can tell you're running out of space in my belly because your short jabs and kicks are now long, slow, movements that make my entire belly move.

Food cravings:  Same 'ol, same 'ol.

Labor signs:  Nope.

Belly button in or out?  In, but I think I'll become an outtie in a few days!

What I miss:  I missed your Dad!  Really, I am so relieved to have him home, I didn't know what I'd do if I went in to labor without him!

Doctor’s notes:  We're on schedule to have my third and final ultrasound on Valentine's Day!

What I am looking forward to:  The ultrasound (of course!), but I also have a much-needed haircut scheduled for this week, and a very important annual meeting with work.  It's going to be a very busy few days (Monday-Wednesday) but then I'll get to relax through the weekend.  Yay!



  1. How exciting for you and your family! How weird does it feel having a baby move around in your belly? I can't even imagine what that would be like!

  2. I want an 'after picture' of the playroom!!! You can't tease us like that! And I'm waiting for an update on your post-baby plans -- maternity leave (how long you're taking off), daycare plans, etc., etc. And we need at least one more belly photos before Mia makes her debut. :)

  3. @Gloria: It's the most bizarre feeling in the world! At first the kicks felt like little gas bubbles but now that she moves in such long, slow, movements the feeling is very hard to describe. It's awesome tho!

    @Courtney: I'm still working on the playroom. At the time of that post I'd only cleared out the room. Now the carpet and walls are washed and I've started to move her stuff in. I'll probably be able to do a post about it next week. I'll also do a maternity leave post sometime soon (with more recent pictures)- don't worry!