Friday, February 17, 2012

37 Weeks

Dear Mia,

Doctor’s notes:  I had my most recent appointment this afternoon and although you are measuring almost 3 weeks ahead, my Doctor will not adjust your due date.  (Oh, and by the way, you weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces on Tuesday.  I made sure to ask since I couldn't remember what I was told!)  So according to her, I'm still considered 37 weeks along (tomorrow) which is too early to induce.  If I wanted to be induced I'd have to wait until 39 weeks.  Right now the plan is to wait and see if I go into labor naturally.  If I go into labor soon I'll probably be able to have you vaginally.  However, if you decide to keep cooking for a few more weeks, you'll probably be too big and I'll be looking at a cesarean.  A cesarean wasn't the plan but there's not much I can do.  So, we're waiting!  I've scheduled a follow-up appointment for 1 week from today and we'll check on your progress again at that point (if I haven't already gone into labor).  Also, my doctor checked my cervix for the first time today and I'm 1 cm dilated.  She said that's a good sign.

Sleep:  I'm getting roughly nine hours of sleep each night but it's in short bursts between my many, many bathroom runs.

Best moment this past week:  Your Dad surprising me and being there for the ultrasound!

Movement:  You're still very active.  In fact, on Wednesday night after a long day at work I came home and cuddled in bed with your Dad.  He had his arm draped over my belly and each time you'd give a little kick he'd exclaim, "Wow!  That was a big one!"  I told him that these kicks were nothing- sometimes you'd kick me so hard it'd knock the wind out of me!  It was nice of you to let him feel some good kicking tho, since most of the time you stop kicking the moment he places a hand on my belly.

Labor signs:  None, but I am more uncomfortable with each passing day.  On Thursday I texted your Dad to tell him I was feeling particularly miserable and he got all excited thinking I might be in the early signs of labor.  When I assured him that no, I'm just uncomfortable, he replied, "Ok well let me know when I need to meet you at the hospital" and then "I got so excited thinking about it, I began to tear up."  Your Dad is the best, Mia.  You're so lucky to have him.  :)

What I am looking forward to:  I happily re-scheduled my appointment (after I missed it due to your Dad surprising me on Valentine's Day) so I'm still really looking forward to that!  I need one SO bad!

Love you tons,

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