Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playroom: Take 2

Dear Mia,

Last weekend I put the finishing touches on your playroom.  I was moving quite a bit slower than I was the weekend before that so thankfully I didn't have a whole lot left to do.  I ironed the new curtains in the living room, finalized placement of the new pillows I bought last weekend (meaning that I stared at them for a while and fell in love) and moved around a few more knick-nacks.  This is what the living room used to look like:

And now:

Not bad, huh?  Then your Dad carried the red couch downstairs for me, I washed its cover, and placed it in the playroom.  I moved the furniture around in there about 20 times until I settled on the arrangement I like best (for now) and added the new brown pillows that I bought last weekend.

I also took down a mirror (that I thought I was going to leave up) and replaced it with a great dog canvas that your Grandma Young gave us for Christmas.  I love the colors in it and how it perfectly matches the little toy bin.

After I was done in these two rooms I moved on to the guest bedroom/office upstairs.  I hung four prints, a corkboard and a mirror in there.  Then I finished by hanging another great print from Grandma Young in the bathroom.  It was a busy weekend!

I finished up this morning and snapped some pictures of both rooms.  I'm really happy with the way everything has turned out.  These are quickly becoming my two favorite rooms in the whole house!  (It might have something to do with the dogs being on the other side of the gates!)


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