Friday, February 10, 2012

Making Progress

Dear Mia,

Last Friday I received a text from your Grandma Snipes that she had a very special present for you and she wanted to know if she could drop it off.  I told her yes, of course, and came home to find the most beautiful toy box waiting in our garage.  Your Dad carried it up to your nursery and we couldn't believe how spectacular it looked in there!  This new addition to the room lit a fire under my butt to make some more progress in your nursery!

I wanted to finalize my plans for art and shelving, and in the process I started to second-guess what I'd already bought.  I had originally intended to hang picture frames above your dresser, a piece of art above your crib, and two shelves near your closet, but I just couldn't 100% commit for some reason.  So on Saturday your Dad and I ran tons of errands- to Lowe's, Target and Petsmart, just to name a few places.  We were looking for shelving for your Dad's office, as well as different options for shelving in the nursery.  I ended up purchasing a new black shelving set at Target but when I got home and opened the box I realized the shelves were really poor quality.  I decided to forgo the new shelving and just stick with the original plan.  I'd been excited about the art and shelves I'd already purchased for months now, so there was no reason to change my mind now!

I started with the four pictures above the dresser- two horizontal and two vertical.  I was worried about hanging the frames because I wanted to make sure they were all the same distance apart.  I decided to use wrapping paper to draft the placement of the frames and it turned out GREAT!  I'm not sure where this idea came from- I suppose it could be an original idea of mine- but I'm sure I stumbled across it sometime in the past and was just saving it to use today!

(Can't show the actual photos in the frames just yet!)

I laid out the wrapping paper with the grid-side up, placed the first frame and marked its placement.  I experimented with placement and decided I wanted the frames all 3" apart.  I used the grid on the wrapping paper to ensure that all of the frames were lined up and spaced correctly.

After all of the frames were marked on the paper I enlisted your Dad's help to hang the paper on the wall.  Before I went any further I wanted to make sure I liked the way the outlines looked on the wall.

I was worried that the 3" separation would be too much but I ended up really liking how it looked on the wall (and your Dad agreed).  I took the paper down, and marked on the paper where I needed to drill to hang each frame.

I re-hung the paper (again, enlisting your Dad's help!) but this time I made sure it was completely level and centered above the dresser.  I taped it securely to the wall and started hammering!

I hammered small holes into each of my 8 marks and then removed the paper.

(Can't show the actual photos in the frames just yet!)
I finished the project by drilling screws into each of my marks and hanging the pictures!  I think it turned out great and I can't wait to reveal how the frames look with the rest of the nursery decor!  I think you're going to love it, Mia!

Momma :)

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