Monday, February 27, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

Dear Mia,

On Saturday afternoon I needed to make a few last-minute pre-baby purchases so I headed out to the mall.  I ended up getting a little turned around and taking some back roads which led me by the local Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I decided to stop and take a peek because the Goodwill store in Naperville used to be a favorite hang out for me and your Aunt Kirsten!  (That's actually where I purchased that little brown chair that's now in your playroom!  Aunt Kirsten and I were in high school, and when I bought it we loaded it into the back seat of her little red convertible and drove it to Grandma Young's house.  That was almost 10 years ago!)

Hello new favorite store!  This place is awesome.  The prices are incredible and they have a ton of stuff.  I'm not sure if they always have that much baby/kid stuff but when I was there they had 2 swings, a glider and ottoman, travel system, stroller, 2 play mats, a little desk, dollhouse (which was a little too beat up- otherwise I would have bought it), and plenty of other items.

I ended up buying a pink breathable bumper, pink crib sheet, three bibs, a little summer hat with a chin strap, 5 cotton hats and an umbrella stroller.  My total?  $12!

I wasn't sure if I really needed to buy the bumper (do you really need more than 1?) but it was in perfect condition and when I asked the employee how much they would charge me for it, she said $.75.  SOLD.

Needless to say, we'll be returning to this store often!


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