Monday, February 6, 2012

Leap Year Baby?

Dear Mia,

Every month or so we have a dip day at my office where we all bring different dips or appetizers and then we eat, eat, eat ALL day long.  We had scheduled a dip day for Friday, January 24th but it wasn't a regular dip day, it was a surprise, mini baby shower!  In addition to all of the food, Megan baked a beautiful cake, we played the dirty diaper guessing game, and everyone made a guess as to the date you'll arrive.  The guesses were as follows:  February 29th (Erin), March 2nd (Meg), March 3rd (Momma), March 4th (Danny, because that's his birthday), March 6th (Yvonne), March 7th (Crystal), March 8th (Matt) and March 13th (Megan, because that's her birthday).  It's funny, becuase it wasn't until we played that game that I realized you could be a leap-year baby!  I think that'd be pretty neat, but we'll have to wait and see which day you pick!

After we all inhaled the delicious cake, my coworkers presented me with their gift to you- your convertible car seat!  It's exactly what you'll need for when you've outgrown your little red one.  Everyone at work has been very supportive and encouraging throughout this entire pregnancy, and they're all very excited to meet you.  We'll have to plan a little day trip to drive in and say hi once you arrive!


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