Monday, February 13, 2012

Playroom: Take 1

Dear Mia,

One thing that you should know about me early on, is that I am a planner.  But I'm also slightly impulsive.  And impatient.  Things change around here pretty quickly because I'll get an idea, obsess over every detail of its implementation, and then spring into action like I'm being shot out of a canon and my life depends on how quickly and perfectly I can execute my vision.  Usually this leaves your Dad in the dust because although we'd discussed turning the den in to a playroom, he didn't think I meant doing that TODAY.  And so there I go, running all around the house dismantling furniture, moving chachkies and taking art off the walls; the entire time with your Dad looking at me like I've lost my mind.

I moved slightly slower with the progress on your nursery because I really wanted your Dad to be involved.  I wanted his help picking out paint colors (he was the one who suggested a light purple chair rail, after all) and choosing the right crib and dresser.  I wanted his input because I knew that of all the rooms in the house this was going to be the most important- because it's for our little girl!

But here I am, 36 weeks pregnant feeling like a crazed, impulsive, impatient, nester.  I am an organizing machine- everything from the kitchen cabinets to the linen closet has been organized- but that wasn't doing the trick.  I decided that I needed to turn the den on our first floor into a playroom.  Poof. Just like that.  Decision made.

So I talked to your Dad about it, sold him on the idea of creating a comfortable space for you and all of your stuff, and then went to town.  On Friday our den looked like this (more-or-less):

This is a very old picture, as I moved so fast in the demolition of this room that I neglected to take a "before" shot.  In reality, this room had accumulated a TON more stuff including office supplies and papers on every desk shelf, mountains of books and all of your baby swings and bouncers.  By Friday night all of the office supplies had been moved upstairs (and re-organized, duh!) to the guest room which will now double as my office.  By Saturday morning I had completely dismantled the desk and hutch, put all of the pieces neatly in the garage, cleared the bookshelf of all books, and removed all remaining baby stuff and chachkies.  Your Dad helped me move the heaviest stuff out of the room (like the bookshelf) and then the room looked like this:

We let the carpet dry overnight and on Sunday morning I came in and washed the chair rail, baseboards, walls, and windows.  I also vacuumed the blinds, took down that hideous valance and added outlet covers (because why not?).  I removed two pieces of art from the walls but left a mirror because I think I'll still be able to make it work in the space.  I added all of your toys and jumpers back into the room, along with a newly-cleaned brown chair.  I did all of that, showered and got dressed by noon.  NOON.  I'm a pregnant machine.

I decided that next on my list was a new valance for the playroom (with coordinating pillows) and new curtains for the adjoining living room (with more coordinating pillows).  I totally lucked out and found the perfect drapes and valances at Lowes, for a great price!  Then I went over to TJMaxx and found the most amazing coordinating pillows.  Check this out:

I rushed home with my new purchases and immediately got to work hanging the new brown drapery rod (also from Lowes) and valance in the playroom.  It looked GREAT!

Then I moved into the living room and added the drapes to the existing wood drapery rod (left by the previous owner- thanks!) and put the pillows on the couch.  The colors all match so perfectly and I'm SO excited to finally be able to close drapes in that room when we want privacy.  I had also recently added the bookshelf, books and various chachkies to that room so it felt like a brand new room, too.  After I was satisfied with my progress for the day, I poured myself a (Caffeine Free) Diet Coke, stretched out on the green sofa, and soaked it all in.  We're making progress!


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